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What is a Poem?

Poetry is ussulay concerned with feelings and vivid description.  Poems may tell a story reflect on something of importance to the poet. The purpose of a poem is to present a description or point of view, usually with thought-provoking images.

Poetry is often written to be read aloud. Sound pattern and rhythm are therefore important to the overall of poetic text include:

Examples of poetic texts include:

  • ballads
  • haiku
  • limericks
  • sonnets
  • song lyrics
  • cinquains

Features of a poem

Structure of a poem

Poem can be written in many different ways and have a variety of features. Some poems use regular patterns of rhyme,rhythm and line length, while others use free verse form. Poems can include alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia,personification, similes and methapors. The creation of imagery is always important.

Grammatical features of a poem

A wide variety of grammatical patterns are used in poetry. Common features include :

  • nouns to identify specific object, events or things
  • adjectives to create better description
  • similes and methaphors to build images

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