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As one of International Rating Schools in Purwokerto (RSBI), SMPN 2 Purwokerto has launched two facilities for the students. It has done by the headmaster Mr. HM Ardani, M.Pd. when it celebrated its 59th anniversary on March 1, 2009 recently. On his speech, he motivated the students and teachers to use them in Teaching and Learning activities. Of course, this is due, in part, because of the influence of Word Wide Web (www) The ‘Internet Era’ has made it almost a necessity to know the lessons at least somewhat. It has also made it easier to learn them, even if access to quality instruction is not readily available.

Hence, as an English teacher, let me inform you how to use the facilities above :

The steps of using Hot Spot Area WiFi

The term Wi-Fi often is used by the public as a synonym for wireless Internet (WLAN); but not every wireless Internet product has a Wi-Fi certification, which may be because of certification costs that must be paid for each certified device type. Recently there many hot spot WiFi area, available around Purwokerto, one of them is at SMPN 2 Purwokerto, if you want to use it by using your Laptop. YOU MUST BE CAREFUL, Why??? When you want to connect it actually it can endanger your Laptop/PC because Hot Spot is an open netrwork that doesn’t use ENCRYPTION so when you connect it and by the time it connect with other users, they can infiltrate yours and it will damage your Laptop/PC.

Well…well..well.. don’t be afraid because I’d like to give you some tips for avoiding it. Turn off ad-hoc WiFi mode. It has two functions : infrastructure mode, that you use when it connect to the network and ad-hoc mode, when it connect to other computers. When you turn on your ad hoc mode perhaps your friends beside you use it and unconsciously they can enter your PC/Laptop. So don’t forget to turn your ad hoc mode off.

Here are the steps :

1. Right Click on the WiFi Icon on system tray 2. Change Status 3. Click Properties 4. Choose Tab Wireless Network 5. Choose your network connection 6. Remove the sign V on the square. “This is a computer-to-computer (ad-hoc) network”. When you want to use your Laptop at “SMPN 2 Purwokerto Hot Spot Area” you must also ask the ADMIN to know the password, you have to use it only for education purposes. e-Learning ( Electronic Learning It is a type of Technology supported education/learning (TSL) where the medium of instruction is through computer technology, particularly involving digital technologies.

E-learning has been defined as pedagogy empowered by digital technology” . In some instances, no face- to- face interaction takes place. E-learning is used interchangeably in a wide variety of contexts. In companies, it refers to the strategies that use the company network to deliver training courses to employees. In the US it is defined as a planned teaching/learning experience that uses a wide spectrum of technologies, mainly Internet or computer-based, to reach learners. Lately in most Universities, e-learning is used to define a specific mode to attend a course or programmes of study where the students rarely, if ever, attend face-to-face for on-campus access to educational facilities, because they study online.

If we want to use E-Learning at our school, here are the procedures: 1. Register online on (url : /login/signup.php) 2. Fill in the form completely 3. E-mail address, fill by using ( 4. Username : NIM 5. Your Nick Name 6. Your Last Name 7. Click, create new member 8. Check students email, link activation will be directly sent to students’ e-mail 9. Click activation link on the e-mail 10. Log in back to Lectures online smpn2pwt ( In addition, if you spend any length of time on the Internet, you will find that it seems to be designed for people who can read English. While many sites will have translations available, specifically internationally known sites and sites owned by international companies, the everyday website or blog that you might land on in your search is going to contain information in English. Translation programs may be available, but reading the site in English is going to be the best way to get your information. Let’s try them to better OUR FUTURE I hope so. (Mr.ANTON)


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  1. Sir.. This is a link for my assignment bout Idol.. Please correct.. Thank u very much..

  2. Sir.. This is a link for my assignment bout Idol.. Please correct.. Thank u very much..

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